i-ME AND MYSELF  (2016)
Choreographies Ezio Schiavulli
Sound creation Antonello Arciuli

Lights Thierry Chartier


What it is not for us is reflected in the river of our desires. In analyzing the most common gesture of a mass, the absurd personality changes are identified in a constant meaningless and precise wandering.

Hidden behind a false image, we find the individual in his absolute fragility. Surrounded by swarming mass movement; with gestures, each of us is identified in his "loneliness". Today, the author of the virtual reconstruction of its image writes his own insecurities, Narciso sloping gently flow …
iMe e Myself is a distorted phenomenon, virtual or real, where everyone finds the ephemeral expression of well-being, all worn and protected by the social room. But all expressing frustration and imposing one's ego. An absurd picture like a dream or a reality distorted by substances. A hidden garden in a virtual forest where their self-conception is itself distorted, and the group blends elements socially dissonant. In this sense, I, as an individual, as a human being, cannot be known in my relationship with the others.
Ezio Schiavulli employs the "physical motion" technique, which handles all of the movement possibilities, without any force. This technique is based on the physical data and the principles of body weight guide, the spiral movement, vertical and sagittal levels, the muscle chain, support positions, the skeleton. The whole choreography is centered around this language, a real tool for the quality of the gesture to the service of thought.



by Ezio Schiavulli
Video creation: Alessandro Vangi, Leandro Summo.
Lights creation: Fabio Fornelli, Andrea Mundo.
Sound creation: Antonello Arciuli, Emanuele Laperchia, Sergio Moleas.
Costumes creation: Donatella Scarati
Dancers: Aaron Smeding, Adrien Ouaki
Choreographies Ezio Schiavulli

"Comme les douches dans les motels" is a choreographic creation about isolation mechanisms. A perspective on the difficulty of the individuals to live their independence/loneliness, that causes discomfort or freedom ... Extrapolating from the human crowd lies the frantic essence. Highlighting the link between loneliness and passions of the body and the obsessive thoughts, leading to the makeshift whether on themselves ... that loneliness is the cause or the consequence. Two dancers, supported by a space shaped by video -mapping and by sound.


Project supported by  Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Teatri di Bari/Kismet, Teatro Traetta di Bitonto (ITALY);
Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin/CCN de Mulhouse (Alsace), Teatro Le Safran (Brie Comte Robert – 'Île-de-France), MJC Boris Vian (Pontault Combault – 'Île-de-France), Théâtre du Marché aux Grains (Bouxwiller – Alsace), Association l’Art Change e Città di Mutzig (Alsace), Centre International de Rencontres Artistiques (Alsace) (FRANCE).

Līmèn (2016)
by Ezio Schiavulli

Produced by Lost Movement of Nicolò Abbattista.

Dancers: Manuela Colleoni, Samuele Arisci, Giorgia Varano, Christian Consalvo.
Music: Antonello Arciuli.
Lights creation: Fabio Fornelli.

Choreographies Ezio Schiavulli.



A subtle line separates humans and establishes their relations: when the threshold is exceeded, alarm explodes. Once border is crossed, relationships disintegrate irreversibly. But curiosity and instinct make you play too often in these territories. You would just reach the limit and run away, you'd touch it and then turn his back quickly.
Limen is a delicate game of untold, of situations barely touched in an attempt to dare one another. A dialogue between men meeting on a razor's edge.
It's a continuous exchange of ideas and invisible contacts, barely suggested, unreal and suspended , suspicious, always poised, afraid and careful not to cross the invisible border that holds the delicate relations between humans. A house of rice paper on which is realized the social relationship, a castle that rests on the air.
E. Schiavulli e M. Ardito