PRISO, Dove chi entra urla (2016)

  • Based on the brief novel ''Dove chi Entra Urla'' by Alessandra Minervini
  • Description:
    “Priso, Dove chi entra urla” is an indipendent movie project.
    The film is set in Bari and tells the story of a man tormented by an outrageous childhood nickname, Priso - "container intended to collect urine and feces '- who will never abandon him ..

    Priso grows up by applying the self sabotage strategy, deserting life to remain on the margins of a society that despises him, in the secure area of the existential failure .

    At least until he met Bartolo, a driving school teacher and ramshackle prophet  that explains his theory: everyone has an "itch" from which they can not get rid of and that gives them pain and suffering.

    Priso then conceive the idea of a place "where those who enter screams", an utopian and surreal space where to leave everyone's itching and get rid of the deepest anxieties.
    A big success.

    As if it was enough, to be accepted by others to accept themselves and cope with their “itching".…

    «Surealism is the magic surprise to find a lion in the wardrobe where you wanted to take a shirt».
    (F. Kahlo, 1939)

    Subject - Alessandra Minervini
    Script - Fabrizio Pastore

    Director - Fabrizio Pastore

    Director of photography - Domenico Trotta
    Operatore e aiuto direzione della fotografia - Giulio Pastore
    Sound Engineer - Antonello Arciuli
    Boom - Francesco Galetta, Antonello Arciuli
    Music: Fabrizio Pastore, Antonello Arciuli
    Editing - Fabrizio Pastore, Valeria Passiatore
    Color grading and graphics - Giulio Pastore
    Director of production - Rosamaria Sassi
    Production assistant and Casting Director - Francesco Galetta
    Production i
    nspector - Valeria Ruggiero
    Ispettore di produzione - Vito Lisco
    Costumes - Daniela Lorusso, Francesca Mesto
    Acconciatura e Trucco - Giuseppe Soranno, Elisa Massari